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Poem of Colorado Shooting

A black masked monster

Enters my world with

Smoke engulfing my lungs

Bullets flying through the air

Things rushing in my head

Is this the end

The end of life

I came for fun

It ended with fear

People falling all around

Like a game of

Ring around the rosie

For such an un timing issue

I lie there

Ready for the end

Ready for death

Ready for that bright light

When suddenly

It stops

The bullets destroying

Everything in its path


Piercing screams still fill the air

Asking for help

For peal for their loved one

To still be hanging on

For dear life

Hope, hope is all we have as humans

These days of ours in America

By, Lizzie Diane Mueller

I wish I could say its okay, but really its not. NOBODY understands. Everyone’s like your so lucky to move to Guam of all places. Yes sure, I think its cool to say, ” yeah I’ve been there. ” But, I’ve literally left all my family, my friends, MY LIFE. behind. & it sucks. & nobody gets any of it. It sucks having to change, literally, your whole life around. I miss my house, my amazing friends. Everything. And it sucks seeing everybody talking about high-school and me not there. I’m not there to live out my years with them. Sometimes, I just wanna break all these cracks that are in me & just break down already & scream. but, I can’t. I won’t let myself do that. Guess I just have to keep a smile on my face and act like everything’s okay. Like usual…..

When you lose your bestfriend to someone else.


Life these days are full of people that just push you down no matter what you say, or do. Just say screw them and live your life the way you want to not by their opinions.