People tell me everything’s going to be okay. Sometimes I don’t if I should believe it or not.

I wish it was easier figuring out your true friends from the fake ones it would be sooo much easier. but, NO. Thanks life.

when you question if he really still does like you, like he “says”. Or if that’s another bullshit lie he’s feeding you just keep you happy.

Who are you?

Who are you to tell me, who I am or what I am. You don’t know what I go through everyday. I may be all smiley and always happy. But, that’s just me hiding. Playing hide and seek with my emotions. Tucking them away into the depths of heart. Unseen by all living. So, please don’t act like you know. Cause you don’t. No one does with this heart of mine.


You said you’d wait for me.But,now I’m starting to see it’s all bullshit now.Just lies , buried under lies just to keep me happy.That’s not fair to just keep leading me on.